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Enterprise Resource Planning software products play a key role in small, medium and large enterprises in Latin America. Softland’s solutions are born in this context, with the mission of empowering the urgent transformation required by Latin American companies. Our philosophy, “think globally, act locally,” has allowed us to develop worldwide strategies according to each country’s characteristics.

Our main goal is to help you increase you competitiveness and business performance, reduce costs and make the correct decisions. With this purpose, we walk with you into the information technology world, simplifying all your corporate processes by investing in highly competitive management software solutions that offer you upgrading options, modularity, simplicity, usability, profitability and robustness.

We have a wide variety of solutions to help your company in your daily operations and cover all your needs in the most profitable way. We are fully adapted to Guatemalan Laws, so you can keep updated tax accounting reports, such as income tax (ISR, Spanish acronym) withholdings and those needed by the software Asiste Libros. Our service areas are certified with ISO 9001:2008, and our development area regulates its processes with the well-known Capability Maturity Model (CMM). We put at your disposal Softland ERP Advanced, for medium and large companies, and Softland ERP Business, for small enterprises.